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Back to School, Back to Germs

Back to School, Back to Germs Can

At school, kids are in close contact with each other constantly. Germs can easily be spreading at any moment. Because kids have weaker immune systems than adults, they are more susceptible to getting sick.

Stop germs in their tracks with these preventative tips:

1. Wash Hands

It’s important for hands to be washed thoroughly and often to prevent the spreading of germs, especially during flu season. Teach your children how to properly clean their hands and underneath fingernails, and remember to also do it yourself!

Give your child hand disinfectant to use if they have to touch any items at school or are unable to wash their hands.

2. Keep Mouths Covered

Coughs and sneezes should be covered to prevent spreading any sickness. Spreading germs on desks and common areas can quickly make an entire classroom catch a cold.

3. Sharing Isn’t Caring

Lice are tiny insects that are extremely contagious. Advise your children not to share any hair accessories or hats to prevent a head lice infestation. Know how to check for head lice and how it can be treated.

Sharing lunch, pencils, or any other items means increasing the chances of transferring germs. Tell your child to avoid close contact with a sick person as much as possible.

4. Eat Healthy and Sleep Well

Taking vitamins and getting enough hours of sleep are great ways to improve your child’s immune systems and ward off any germs they may come into contact with this school year.

5. Sanitize, Sanitize, Sanitize

Clean the personal items that your child uses the most. These items might be carrying germs into your home. Lunch boxes, water bottles, bags, and stationery items are some of the most common items that should be cleaned often.

6. Be Prepared with Vaccinations

Because children have immune systems that are still developing, they are more prone to infection. If you’d like to increase your family’s chances of fighting germs by receiving flu and seasonal cold vaccinations, Patient Plus is here to help!

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