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It's Back to School Time! Tips for Transitioning Kids Back to Their School-Year Routine

It's Back to School Time! Tips for Transitioning Kids Back to Their School-Year Routine Can

Summertime is full of fun and excitement for most kids. Late nights, sleeping in, and spending most of the day in play are usually the norm while they are not in school.

As a result, when it comes time to transition back to a school-year routine, many children find it difficult. Between finding a new normal, nerves over going back to school, and leaving the fun of summer behind, most kids need help from their parents during this transition.

Here are some tips to help you and your child transition back to the classroom.

Set a Dinner and Bedtime Routine

Setting up a successful morning routine does not start the night before school. Begin a week before school by re-establishing regular mealtime and bedtime routines.

Talk to your child about the importance of rest and routine to avoid becoming overtired or overwhelmed at school. Re-establish nighttime reading and chores that you may have dropped off for summer and make sure children get ample rest.

Create a Morning Routine

The morning can be difficult as kids transition from waking up slow to getting up and ready right away.

Make breakfast a priority in the morning. Taking the time for a morning meal will help keep children attentive and happy during the school day. Talk with your kid about what needs to happen each morning before heading off to school. Decide together on how to make sure everything gets done.

Set Up a Homework Space

A set space for homework can help children concentrate on their schoolwork. For young children, have it in a place where caretakers can oversee and help where needed, such as the living room or kitchen. Older children may need a quiet place to concentrate, such as their bedroom.

Have a set time each day to tackle homework. Consider giving your child a snack first to keep their energy up while they do their work. Encourage your kid and praise them for the effort they are putting into their schoolwork. Positive feedback can help encourage and motivate children to get their work done.

Set Time for Play or Relaxation

The beginning of the school year can be overwhelming for many children. Leave extra space in your day, so your children are not running from one activity to the next. In the mornings, make sure there is plenty of time for waking up, getting ready, and eating breakfast. At the end of the day, give children time to decompress. They may need some time for relaxing or playing after a stressful day.

Set Up Your School Year for Success

The new school year doesn’t have to be a schedule. Explain to your child how routines can help them have a successful day. Listen to any concerns that they have about the upcoming school year and provide them with encouragement.

With the right routines in place, you can set yourself and your child up for their best school year yet!

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