Have a complaint?

Let us know about any concerns. We want to get better too. 

If you have concerns with Patient Plus Urgent Care and/or any of our team members, please give us a chance to help. You can file a formal complaint with a grievance form at any time. 


How to file a complaint

To begin the process, fill out our secure online form below, or download and print a paper form. Please describe your situation in detail. Don’t forget to include specific information including what Patient Plus can do to resolve your concern.

If you choose to complete the paper form instead of filing your grievance online, you can mail it to:

Patient Plus Urgent Care
Attn: Grievances
9418 Brookline Avenue, Suite A
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70809


Get the forms

Download a Form

Complete Online Form

Patient Plus will send you written acknowledgment of receipt of the grievance within five (5) calendar days. We will respond in writing with a resolution to a grievance within thirty (30) calendar days of receipt.


Urgent Grievances

Patient Plus also maintains a process for the expedited review of urgent grievances. You have the right to an expedited review for cases involving an imminent or serious threat to the health of the member. Call 225.663.6827 and tell the representative that you are requesting an expedited review for an urgent grievance. We will notify the Chief Medical Officer and respond within 48 hours from receipt of the grievance.


If you have any questions or need immediate assistance, please contact our Patient Care Team at 225.663.6827.