CATS Gets Wrapped Up

Patient Plus Urgent Care Clinic is the first brand to implement a CATS full bus wrap in Baton Rouge

BATON ROUGE, LA - Advertising just got bigger in Baton Rouge as the Capital Area Transit System (CATS) rolled out its first fully wrapped bus today. The advertisement for the recently opened Patient Plus Urgent Care Clinic in Mid City was designed by Baton Rouge-based FUSE Branding & Advertising Agency. 

Wrapping a bus in an advertisement is no easy task. According to Beacon Images, the process uses nearly 1,250 square feet of vinyl and takes up to 20 hours of labor. "We are excited to have this bus wrap completed with Patient Plus Urgent Care and look forward to working with them over the coming months to promote their endeavors. We feel our buses provide an excellent opportunity for businesses to spread their message throughout Baton Rouge," said CATS CEO, Bob Mirabito. The wrapped bus is used on routes throughout Mid City.

“We love clients that are willing to engage their audiences across all touch points,” said Stan Levy, FUSE Branding & Advertising Agency President and CEO. “We understand that Patient Plus wants to be progressive. We were thrilled to approach CATS about this marketing opportunity and worked to make it happen. We think it is a big win for everyone.”

About Patient Plus Urgent Care

Patient Plus treats patients of all ages with both urgent and routine medical needs. Their approach is like a step back in time when getting to know a patient was always part of a doctor’s treatment plan. Team members are proud of their commitment to their patients and the local communities they serve.