New Urgent Care Clinic to Open in Mid City

Point of Care Health Group is announcing the opening of a new urgent care clinic in the Mid City area.  Patient Plus Urgent Care is set to open next month and will be located at 2840 Florida Boulevard.  The clinic will provide treatment for most common illnesses and injuries and offer a wide range of diagnostic services including radiology (X-rays), influenza (flu) testing, wellness exams, EKGs, strep tests, and urinalysis.   

"We saw an opportunity to bring vital healthcare services to Mid City.  Being a lifelong resident of Baton Rouge and having completed my training at the now shuttered Earl K. Long Hospital, I understood the void that was left in the community by recent closures. Our goal is to set a new standard in urgent care services as we make a difference in the daily lives of our patients, employees and the Mid City community," said Rubin Patel, MD, Co-CEO and Chief Medical Officer at Point of Care Health Group.

"With its extended hours, Patient Plus Urgent Care will significantly restore our community's urgent care capacity and that makes a huge difference, says Sen. Yvonne Dorsey-Colomb. "I know many people in my district are breathing a sigh of relief just learning that Patient Plus Urgent Care will soon be open and operating. I am very excited to have been instrumental in making it possible.

Patient Plus Urgent Care will operate daily from 9 a.m. – 9 p.m., seven days a week starting December 2015 and will see patients without appointments.

"The time we spend with our patients is the most important part of our day," said Patel. "We will treat them with courtesy and respect, listen to their needs and provide the highest level of quality care we know."

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About Patient Plus Urgent Care
Patient Plus treats patients of all ages with both urgent and routine medical needs. Their approach is like a step back in time when getting to know a patient was always part of a doctor’s treatment plan. Team members are proud of their commitment to their patients and the local communities they serve.